TOK will advance the initiatives for the realization of a sustainable society
under its purpose to contribute to a sustainable future through chemistry.

代表取締役 取締役社長 種市順昭

Leveraging our human skills and technological

capabilities, coupled with "monozukuri"
DNA that has been passed down through
the generations, TOK will contribute to society
in its own unique way while increasing social
value and corporate value at the same time.

CSR Policy

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Under CSR policy, TOK Group promotes activities that comply with the RBA Code of Conduct.

Material Issues

TOK defines material issues as the starting point for its long-term initiatives with the goal of attaining the TOK Vision 2030, a 100-year company by 2040, and carbon neutrality in 2050, and the Company has recently formulated new material issues closely linked to the TOK Medium-Term Plan 2024.