TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) provides chemical products, such as photoresist, and equipment for semiconductors and displays.

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Providing the products and the optimal solutions
for many kinds of Panel manufacturing.

Realizing both LCD’s high resolution and economic efficiency by synergy effects from the combination of sophisticated materials technology developed over the years and coating technology with excellent uniformity

LCDs are widely used for various products ranging from compact-to-medium-size devices such as mobile terminals and PCs, to large-size devices including not only LCD TVs and digital signages for consumer use but also the display parts of industrial equipment.

We have been developing many types of products in the Panel manufacturing field as well, using our broad know-how accumulated in semiconductor manufacturing, and uniquely developed microprocessing technology. For LCDs, we offer an optimal photoresist for each purpose including specialized products with high sensitivity for the TFT / TN-STN process and other resists which form a black matrix for color filters. We have also developed photoresists forming reverse tapered ribs, or those that form Insulators for organic EL displays. For touch panels, we have commercialized materials form insulating films.

In addition to photoresists and other materials, we have developed coating machines such as slit coaters and coat-and-spin coating machines that can achieve highprecision performances. we have also developed and commercialized developing machines and cleaner units aiming at higher efficiencies in the manufacturing process. In this way, we have achieved synergy effects from the combination of our technologies of photoresist materials and processing equipment, thus improving production efficiency and offering optimal processing technologies.

Black resist for color filter (RGB photo)
Display Manufacturing Materials
Non-spin coaters TN series


Organic EL

Abbreviation of organic electroluminescence. A phenomenon that occurs when a certain type of organic matter has a voltage applied to it.

Pigment dispersing-type black resist for color filters

Photoresist used to form a black matrix which increases the contrast of the image of a liquid crystal display. The photoresist is colored with black pigment in advance and remains patterned on the color filter and forms a black matrix.

Liquid photoresist

Photoresist in a liquid form.

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