Environmental ActivitiesEnvironmental Management

Environmental Management

TOK appropriately identifies risks associated with its production and sales activities, and invests management resources to secure clean environment/health/safety across the life cycle (development/production/consumption/recycling/disposal) of chemical products including photoresists for semiconductors and displays, as well as manufacturing equipment. We also continue improvement initiatives effectively to shape a sustainable society through our business.

Environmental Management Organization

To conduct business activities in line with our environmental policy, we have an organization in which managers of sites and divisions oversee and execute environmental programs under the supervision of department managers. Sites with a particularly large environmental impact have their own environmental committees that submit monthly reports to the department managers.

Environmental Policy

TOK Group strives to do businesses by achieving a sustainable society through investing appropriate management resources and ensuring health, safety and an appropriate environment through the Responsible Care Initiatives.*

● Complies with all environmental laws and regulations in each country and region in which we operate.

● Strengthens the safe-and-environmentally-friendly handling and management of chemical substances.

● Promotes efficient use, reduce, reuse, and recycling of resources.

● Improves energy-saving and global warming prevention activities.

● Promotes environmental pollution prevention activities.

● Promotes a healthy biodiversity.

* Responsible Care Initiatives: to ensure the environment, health, and safety related to all processes of chemical substances from development, manufacturing, distribution, use, final consumption, and final disposition

Building Environmental Management System

We have many environmental conservation activities, including programs to earn ISO 14001 certification, in order to establish efficient and effective environmental management systems. 100% of TOK group's manufacturing sites have obtained ISO 14001 certification.

Environmental Accounting*

TOK has been using environmental accounting since 2000 in order to identify expenses required for environmental conservation activities as well as the effects of such activities and to help promote the environmental management. In 2022, environmental conservation expenses totaled ¥829 million for the prevention of pollution and the recycling of resources.

* Environmental accounting: A system for understanding environmental conservationrelated investments and the expenses incurred by businesses and other organizations, as well as the effects of such investments in quantitative terms (currency or physical quantity) and communicating such information to stakeholders.

Category Key Initiatives Investment Cost
Business area cost Pollution prevention cost Air, water, and other pollution prevention equipment and the renewal, operation, maintenance, and management of equipment
Installation of flood control facilities
219 102
Global environmental conservation cost Energy conservation activities 112 85
Resource circulation cost Installation of melting equipment     8 216
Upstream/Downstream cost     Green purchasing, collection of used products     0 8
Administration cost Approach to environmental management system 10 47
R&D cost Research and development related to environmental conservation
(costs for chemical substances screening)
0 19
Social activity cost Cleanup activities around the production plants 0 1
Environmental remediation cost Treatment of soil pollution by the construction of a new building 42 0
Total - 350 479

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