Contribution to Local Communities

As a good corporate citizen, the TOK Group is involved in a broad spectrum of volunteer, educational and other social service activities in the regions in which it operates, in order to reach out to and enhance communication with local communities.

Community Cleanups

Each of our manufacturing facilities in Japan conducts cleanups around their places of business, and strives to raise the environmental awareness of its employees.Our Sagami Operation Center is actively committed to local beautification efforts, including participating in cleanups of the Sagami River (which flows nearby), and patrols for illegal dumping.


Factory Study Tours

Factory Study ToursThe study tours provide students with practical information on products and equipment that supplements their textbook studies.

Dragonfly Pond Living Nature Observation Tour (Gotemba Plant)*

トンボ池生き物見学会At the Gotemba Plant, a biotope* is being created using a regulating pond called the “Komakado Tombo Pond” for the purpose of regenerating forests in the region and conducting research.

The Gotemba Plant will continue to contribute to environmental conservation and society through this biotope environmental initiative.

*Biotope: A German term derived from the words “bio,” which means life, and “top,” which means place. Biotope refers to a particular space that is created for wild plants and animals. 

Blood Donation on Red Cross


Every year, the blood donation activity is executed once or twice at each business site.
Many employees participated in the blood donation in fiscal 2012.

"Noryosai" (Sagami Operation Center, Shonan Operation Center)*


TOK held the 33rd annual summer festival "Noryosai" at the dormitory and Company housing complex adjacent to the Shonan Operation Center in August 2019. Many local residents, employees of business partners and others attended the event.

TOK employees sold food and other items at booths and held a traditional obon dance. It was another opportunity to provide an enjoyable evening for people of all ages.

*Suspended in 2020 to 2022 considering COVID-19 pandemic

Forest Conservation


In 2021, TOK dispatched five employees to the afforestation activities with residents of Kanagawa Prefecture through the Kanagawa Trust Midori Foundation.