Contribution to Local Communities

As a good corporate citizen, the TOK Group is involved in a broad spectrum of volunteer, educational and other social service activities in the regions in which it operates, in order to reach out to and enhance communication with local communities.

Environmental conservation activities

At the Aso plant, personnel participate in the forest preser­vation activities organized by Aso Green Stock, a public interest incorporated foundation, aiming to improve and enhance the watershed cultivation function* within the Aso region and establish an environment with a sustainable ecosystem. TOK designated an area on the north somma of Mt. Aso (736 m2) as the “TOK Forest.” In 2022, 11 employees worked hard to weed, cut bamboo, and engage in other activities. At the Koriyama plant, personnel collected stranded aquatic plants in Lake Inawashiro, located in the approximate center of Fukushima Prefecture. Because stranded aquatic plants decrease the water quality by decaying, the removal of aquatic plants is an important environmental conservation activity that maintains water quality.

In 2022, TOK dispatched 6 employees to the afforestation activities with residents of Kanagawa Prefectureかながわトラストみどり財団_ir2022.JPG
through the Kanagawa Trust Midori Foundation.



* Functions of forest to reduce flooding under rainfall, reservation of water resources, and water purification

Dragonfly Pond Living Nature Observation Tour (Gotemba Plant)*

トンボ池生き物見学会At the Gotemba Plant, a biotope is being created using a regulating pond called the “Komakado Tombo Pond” for the purpose of regenerating forests in the region and conducting research.

The Gotemba Plant will continue to contribute to environmental conservation and society through this biotope environmental initiative.

*Suspended in 2020 to 2023 considering COVID-19 pandemic

Blood Donation on Red Cross


Every year, the blood donation activity is executed once or twice at each business site.

"Noryosai" (TOK Technology and Innovation Center(TTIC), Shonan Operation Center)*


TOK held the 33rd annual summer festival "Noryosai" at the dormitory and Company housing complex adjacent to the Shonan Operation Center in August 2019. Many local residents, employees of business partners and others attended the event.

TOK employees sold food and other items at booths and held a traditional obon dance. It was another opportunity to provide an enjoyable evening for people of all ages.

*Suspended in 2020 to 2023 considering COVID-19 pandemic