Let us peer into the world
that resides within
our smartphones.

Measured in nanometers (nm)

Measured in micrometers (μm)

Measured in millimeters (mm)



The Cell

The top layer of the skin

FinFET Illustration
ICチップ裏のバンプ(突起物) Illustration

Inside a transistor circuit

Bumps (protrusions)
on the back of an IC chip

IC chip

半導体がすごく小さいものだってことは            わかった。でもそれがどういうことなのか、まだよくわからないなぁ。そうだ!東京応化先生に聞いてみよう!

What does it mean to say that semiconductors are getting increasingly microscopic?

This means that the lines in the circuits of machines and appliances are getting thinner.


Is there a benefit to thinner lines in circuits?

You’ll see the release of smaller, more powerful products and the introduction of new services.

I don’t quite get it.

Well, have you ever seen an older telephone or calculator?

I’ve seen a rotary dial telephone in the warehouse at my grandfather’s home!

It was pretty big, wasn’t it?
ut today, you can make calls and do calculations with a smartphone that fits in the palm of your hand. You can also take photos with that device. All of this has been made possible thanks to increasingly smaller circuits.

I see!
So, what if we see circuits become even smaller?

You might be able to create superior robots and self-driving cars. Maybe even flying cars.

That sounds awesome.

What exactly does TOK make?

Well …


TOK makes photoresists,
chemical that is essential for the manufacture of semiconductors.


Among the chemicals needed to manufacture semiconductors are photoresists, a chemical that is especially important for this process. Photoresists are used with the technology known as photolithography.

Click here if you want to know more about the manufacture of semiconductors.

  • *1Based on the projected shipment volume of EUV, ArF, KrF and g/i-Line photoresists in 2022 (calculated by TOK based on Fuji Chimera Research Institute, “Current Status and Future Outlook of Cutting-edge/Noticeable Semiconductor-related Markets 2023”)
  • *2Source: Fuji Chimera Research Institute, “Current Status and Future Outlook of Cutting-edge/Noticeable Semiconductor-related Markets 2023”

TOK's Core Technology

Our products, which are used to semiconductor manufacturing featuring cutting-edge circuits produced at a scale of several nanometers, are supported by two global-leading core technologies.


The Milestones of TOK

The history of this company is one that has seen growth alongside the semiconductor market after beginning the business of manufacturing high-purity potassium hydroxide, which helps extend the life of storage batteries, and since TOK launched photoresists for semiconductors.

The Future Views supported by TOK

Behold the semiconductors that contribute to the convenience and richness of people’s lives and TOK’s product range offered in support of these semiconductors. This next section will explain how the world of the future can be realized through the further evolution of TOK.