To Establish Win-Win Relationship with All StakeholdersNational / local governments and local communities

Shared value

  • Sustainable development of society
  • Response to global risks, including climate change, infectious diseases, and geopolitical risks
  • Response to unanticipated risks that will emerge

Policies and basic initiatives

  • Contribute to a sustainable future through chemistry as our purpose
  • Ensure close collaboration with national and local governments and communities toward the overarching aspiration under TOK Vision 2030
  • Proactively promote social contribution activities in the areas around TOK business sites, emphasize cooperation and collaboration with local communities, and establish a relationship of trust

Key initiatives

Environmental ManagementEnvironment

GHG ReductionEnvironment

Initiatives to Address Water RiskEnvironment

Reduction in the volume of wasteEnvironment

Contribution to Local CommunitiesSocial