Process of Defining New Material Issues

Initiatives to Address Material Issues for Enhancing
Sustainable Corporate Value

TOK defines material issues as the starting point for its long-term initiatives with the goal of attaining
the TOK Vision 2030, a 100-year company by 2040, and carbon neutrality in 2050, and the Company
has recently formulated new material issues closely linked to the TOK Medium-Term Plan 2024.

Toward Achieving a Sustainable Future

TOK aims to become “The e-Material Global Company™️” by contributing to a sustainable future through chemistry under the TOK Vision 2030, and the Company contributes to a sustainable future where diverse benefits will be realized through semiconductor technologies employed in autonomous vehicles, AR/VR, remote medical care, remote agriculture, and remote construction work with
the communication revolution (Beyond 5G) at the core.
The TOK Medium-Term Plan 2024 was formulated by backcasting from the Vision in order to acquire abundant business opportunities pertaining to a sustainable future, while implementing countermeasures against a variety of risks that include the increasing severity of climate change, the spread of infectious diseases, and the surge in issues with economic security.
TOK has defined five new material issues aimed at the enhancement of sustainable corporate value by handling risks and opportunities as above. The Company increase the effectiveness of key initiatives and KPI for each material issue by promoting a PDCA cycle in close linkage with the TOK Medium-Term Plan 2024.