Quality and Safety

Safety Management

In each of the development, manufacturing, sales, and disposal stages, TOK ensures appropriate chemical management for product safety.

Quality Management

All of our plants have acquired ISO9001 certification (the international standard for quality management systems), and the entire company is working together to implement initiatives for quality management under systems in which all departments participate by periodically conducting various types of meetings to communicate and exchange ideas regarding the effectiveness of our quality management systems.

Advanced Manufacturing System

EUV photoresists that are used in advanced semiconductor production process create circuit widths of 5nm or less, realizing miniaturization of semiconductors and enabling high-level integration. In this way, it provides support for the conservation of resources. These cutting-edge semiconductor production processes call for high purity products that have less contaminants and metals in them than ever before. TOK Group has put in place company-wide initiatives to create systems that can supply such products to customers, to satisfy their demands. In addition to our measuring technology, production facilities that are exceptionally clean, as well as the reduction of metals from raw materials, are also technologies that support our efforts.

We are engaged in the following activities to provide materials with minimal levels of impurities.

  1. In addition to the conventional technologies that are used to extract impurities, we also consider new defect detection methods based on appropriate models.
  2. Control of polymer materials at the atomic level, to prevent the introduction of impurities and/or the generation of causative agents.
  3. Enhancement of filtering technology used to remove defective-causing substances.


Our business model that enables the secure stable supply of high-quality products

Customer-oriented Strategies Based on the Trifecta of Development, Manufacturing, and Marketing

In our customer-oriented strategies, human resources in the development department, manufacturing department, and marketing department serve customers in a trifecta through seamless collaboration with resources across the Company, thereby achieving the creation of new high added value, the smooth launch of products, and the stable supply at high quality. TOK also provides customers with diverse shared value obtained through collaboration with suppliers, startups, academics, and research institutions and the open innovation embedded in our products.

Business Model

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