Health of employees

Declaration of Health and Productivity Management

The TOK Group believes that good physical and mental health allows employees to maximally perform their skills and to achieve their individual potential, which will lead to the development of the company.

Based on the idea that human resources are the property of the company, which regards employees as valuable assets and has been observed consistently since our foundation, we will accelerate activities to maintain and promote employees’ wellbeing.


  1. We will maintain and promote the mental and physical health of employees by actively implementing measures for invigorating people and workplaces with a wide range of health measures.
  2. We will create an environment where employees can receive periodic and special health examinations, and other health services in a timely manner.
  3. We will steadily repeat the PDCA cycle toward maintaining and promoting health.
  4. In order to juggle work and family, we will promote cutting work hours, taking annual paid leave, supporting child care and family care, and other benefits.

Ensuring the health and safety of human resources

Since 2015, TOK has implemented Data Health Plans in collaboration with the Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Health Insurance Associations, which uses the PDCA cycle for preventing and discovering diseases while encouraging officers and employees to take better care of their health. Since 2017, the Company has focused efforts on preventing illnesses from becoming worse through the early detection and treatment of diseases, including offering to pay the full cost of group influenza vaccinations for employees. In 2018, the Company launched My Health Web as a portal for health-related information and began offering convenient information for improving knowledge and awareness of health. The Company also sponsors a walking rally via My Health Web with the participation of the president, as well as many officers and employees. TOK has also made efforts to improve the awareness of presymptomatic medicine (to lead healthier lives) in each director and employee, such as daily radio calisthenics and stretching, and the encouragement of activities on internal athletic clubs. Since 2019, the Company has sponsored quit-smoking seminars, introduced humidifiers, and powered suits to counter aging.
For FY 2022/12, the Company issued the Declaration of Health and Productivity Management in June based on the resolution of the Board of Directors after considering that the mental and physical health of employees leads to improved happiness in employees and higher productivity of the TOK Group.
As a result of these ongoing initiatives, TOK was recognized in the 2023 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi in March 2023 for the fifth time.


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