Support to Venture Businesses

TOK will actively support promising venture businesses that can be expected to generate technological synergies with us.

Goal for TOK Support to Venture Businesses

To innovate through teaming of TOK core technologies and venture businesses’ exceptional technological capabilities

In 1962, TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (“TOK”) launched the first photoresist, and since then we have pioneered the cutting-edge microprocessing technologies as the world’s leading supplier. These microprocessing technologies play an essential role in the advancement of a variety of electronics utilizing photolithography, that we are all familiar. Taking advantage of these core technologies that we have been developing over many years, we are actively collaborating with and supporting venture businesses that possess superior technologies needed to create new innovations. We believe in promoting a rapid R&D followed by commercialization that makes full use of both TOK and the partners strengths, thereby creating astonishing innovations throughout the world.


Attributes for TOK Support of Venture Businesses

We aim to generate synergistic effects between our strengths and these venture businesses’ strengths.

We would like to maximize the synergistic effects of TOK core technologies and the exceptional technological capabilities of these venture businesses, thereby building a win-win relationship to achieve growth together. We are seeking a R&D-driven venture businesses that possess excellent technical capabilities, regardless of the stage of the investment business structure, such as an "early stage" or a "middle stage.


We support venture businesses through various methods. We conduct contract manufacturing, sales channel development, and provide financial support with focus on joint development.

Product Inquiry

Target Area

We are targeting innovation that combines new fields with TOK’s photolithography and patterning technologies.

TOK expects to generate synergistic effects between TOK’s technologies and expertise that we have built up in the semiconductor, MEMS and display fields, and the venture businesses’ new technologies. As an R&D-driven company, we seek venture businesses that possess superior and unique technologies.

Contact us

We would first like our potential partners to share your technological capabilities. —we then hope to make you acquainted with TOK’s core technologies.

TOK envisions many possibilities ahead of the synergistic effects that will be generated between TOK’s core microprocessing and high purification technologies, and your company's superior technology.