TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) provides chemical products, such as photoresist, and equipment for semiconductors and liquid crystal displays.

New Business Field

New Business Field


Offering high-value-added products for new business areas, 
such as solar panels and nanoimprint-related materials.

Under the “Challenge for the Future!” slogan, TOK has set up the New Business Development Dept. combined sales and technical division. We have also set up the Corporate Venturing Div. with the aim of creating groundbreaking innovations based on the core technologies of TOK and venture businesses’ excellent technology. In line with our medium-term plan, we are striving to expand new business domains.

The overall aim is to cultivate second and third earnings pillars to supplement our core business, based on companywide collaboration as well as
alliances with customers and external entities, including companies outside the industry. We hope to add further value to TOK’s existing advanced microprocessing and high-purity processing technologies to extend our innovations into newsectors and dimensions.


Development highlights

“Lab on a Chip” products: supplying materials for microchannel chip

Microchannel chips (microfluidic devices) consist of single slides of silicon or glass circuit board in which channels and electrodes have been formed
at the micro-level. The miniature spaces created inside these chips can facilitate the rapid analysis or testing of small quantities of fluid, with potential applications in medicine or chemistry such as blood tests or DNA analysis, organic synthesis, and various other fields of the environment and food.

Microchannel chips are one example of MEMS produced on silicon wafers using photolithography ( At TOK, we have developed a way of simplifying the manufacturing process to reduce costs by using photosensitive adhesive materials and stereolithographic process.

Pattern molded into PET circuit board


New Business Field