The Core Technologies
that TOK is proud of

TOK deploys a global "Customer-oriented strategy" by harnessing two world-leading core technologies.

The world-leadingmicrofabrication technology

The diameter of a single strand of hair

Approx. 0.08mm


Areas in which TOK creates value

0.000000001mの世界 = 髪の毛の直径の10万分の1

The world-leadingmicrofabrication technology

Products provided by TOK facilitate micro-fabrication at the world’s highest level.
TOK makes semiconductors smaller and more powerful to provide convenience and comfort in people’s lives.

High-purification technology

The world-leadingpurification technology

The water storage capacity of a 10-lane,
50-meter-long pool

Approx. 2.5 million liters


Level of impurities in cutting-edge,
high-purity chemicals

1兆分の1世界 = 競技用プールにスポイト1摘分

High-purification technologyat the world’s highest level

Even the slightest impurity can be problematic
when it comes to making microscopic circuits that operate on the nanometer scale.
TOK will continue to meet the increasingly sophisticated requirements of clients
by ceaselessly refining the technologies the company has cultivated to date.

Customer-oriented strategies

Customer-oriented strategies

TOK promotes "customer-oriented strategy" that is development,
manufacturing and marketing departments to serve customers
in a trifecta through seamless collaboration with resources across the company,
to achieve the needs of our global customers.

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