To Establish Win-Win Relationship with All StakeholdersCustomers

Shared value

  • Provide new added value that inspires customers (overarching aspiration under
    TOK Vision 2030)
  • Build relationships of trust that create continued value in cutting-edge fields
  • Establish a production structure that guarantees stable supply to society

 Policies and basic initiatives

  • Focus on Strategy 3 under TOK MediumTerm Plan 2024
  • Make record-high capital investments to support stable production in the semiconductor industry that grows at an unprecedented speed
  • Execute customer-oriented strategies (trifecta of development, manufacture, and marketing) to be further deepened and advanced
  • Provide a flexible response to multi-site operations of customers
  • Execute risk distribution by having production sites in five regions across the world

Key initiatives

Quality and SafetySocial

Corporate GovernanceGovernance


Risk ManagementGovernance

Information ManagementGovernance