TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) provides chemical products, such as photoresist, and equipment for semiconductors and liquid crystal displays.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction of environmental and social activities,
initiatives and results.


Message from the President

The President Ikuo Akutsu delivers our mission, targeted corporate image, aims and understanding of CSR.

TOK's Management Principles and CSR

TOK is committed to working hand-in-hand with our stakeholders for the realization of a sustainable society.

About Us

TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) developing technologies that bring the present into the future.

Relations with stakeholders

Initiatives to build relationships with our stakeholders, such as customers, employees, shareholders and investors, and community.

Relations with Customers

Initiatives to build relationships of trust with our customers and improve satisfaction.

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Relations with Employees

Initiatives to create energetic, safe, and healthy workplaces.

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Relations with Shareholders and Investors

TOK will share profit with our shareholders and disclose timely and suitable information to investors.

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Relations with Community

Community outreach, communication, volunteering, and other initiatives.

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Environmental Activities

Promotion of recycling, managing chemical substances, and approaches toward energy saving.

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We have positioned the corporate governance as one of our most important management issues.

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CSR Report

We have issued an "CSR Report" summarizes our environmental and social activities in PDF format. Please have a look.

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