TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) provides chemical products, such as photoresist, and equipment for semiconductors and displays.

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Environmental Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Promotion of recycling, managing chemical substances,
and approaches toward energy saving.

Responsible Care Initiatives

TOK actively participates in “communities” of stakeholders within the industry that aim to minimize risks associated with hazardous chemical substances, air pollution, and workplace accidents. We aim to deepen knowledge about the latest innovations and best practices in environmental conservation and occupational health and safety. The Japan Chemical Industry Association, a group of companies in the chemicals sector, periodically hold meetings of the Responsible Care Committee, which provides opportunities to hear about the latest developments at the plants of each company, in the context of chemical substance management, environmental conservation, security and disaster prevention, and dialogue with local communities. These meetings also inform the Company’s activities in environmental conservation and occupational health and safety.

Strengthening Environmental Risk Management Systems
at Overseas Sites

Some of TOK’s most important management issues are taking an integrated approach to managing chemical substances, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring the health and safety of employees. The Company engages in Responsible Care activities* and operates the Group Management System (GMS) to minimize the impact of potential risks inside and outside Japan and prevent them from materializing. In 2017, the Company created an EHS (environmental, health and safety) management policy with the aim of further enhancing the effectiveness of these systems. TOK has bolstered group-wide initiatives for the environment and safety through an integrated management structure based on GMS and the EHS Div. As a result, the reinforcement of structures at domestic sites has wound down, and under the “TOK Medium-Term Plan 2021,” the Company aims to instill solid risk management at all sites, including overseas subsidiaries, from 2019, while improving chemical substance and environmental risk management at overseas sites through the strengthening of human resources and organizations.


Responsible Care Activities

Responsible Care (“RC”) refers to activities in which “companies handle chemical substances voluntarily take environmental, safety and health measures in every process from chemical substance development through manufacturing, logistics, use and final consumption to disposal and recycling, and announce the results of these activities while engaging in dialogue and communication with the public,” according to the Japan Chemical Industry Association (“JCIA”).

The aim of RC activities is to solve problems through dialogue by respecting the right of citizens to know and listening to their concerns based on RC ethics, which came out of dialogue between the Canadian Chemical Producers Association and citizens, the government, NPOs and other organizations in the 1970’s. Responsible Care implies that it is not sufficient only to act within the scope of the law. The activities are based on a commitment to voluntarily doing more than what the law requires and to doing what is ethically correct. The people involved in the activities (employees) continue to make improvements through a PDCA process while gaining a sense of achievement.

In Japan, the Japan Responsible Care Council was established in 1995, and the country’s major chemical manufacturers participate in RC activities.

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