TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) provides chemical products, such as photoresist, and equipment for semiconductors and displays.

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Relations with Employees

Corporate Social Responsibility

Initiatives to create energetic, safe, and healthy workplaces.

Occupational Health and Safety

Continued initiatives for health & productivity management

Since 2015, TOK has implemented Data Health Plans in collabo ration with the Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Health Insurance Associations, which uses the PDCA cycle for maintaining and improving health in order for officers and employees to prevent and discover dis eases. We have implemented various insurance measures, including offering to pay the full cost of group influenza vaccina tions for employees since 2017. We have also focused efforts on preventing illnesses from becoming worse through the early detection and treatment of diseases. In 2018, the Company launched My Health Web as a convenient portal for improving knowledge and awareness about health. We also hold the walk ing rally via My Health Web with the participation of the presi dent, as well as many officers and employees. We have also made efforts to maintain presymptomatic state to lead healthier lives by encouraging each director and employee to do daily radio calisthenics, stretching, and activities on internal athletic clubs. Since 2019, we have been holding quit-smoking seminars, intro duced humidifiers, and power assist suits for elderly workers.

As a result of these ongoing initiatives, TOK was recognized in the 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi in February 2020 for a third consecutive year. We have introduced new initiatives toward future certification, thereby promoting further health and productivity management. In December 2020, TOK was designated a “Sports Yell Company” by the Japan Sports Agency for a second consecutive year.


Occupational Health and Safety/ Security and Disaster Prevention

Basic Concept

The Company recognizes that ensuring the safety and health of workers is the social responsibility of any company and that this is demanded by all stake holders. We aim to foster and entrench a safety cul ture and increase the happiness of our employees by providing comfortable, safe workplaces.

Health and Safety System

In its initiatives for occupational health and safety, TOK works to prevent accidents based on the annual action plan of the Safety and Health Committee. Company-wide issues that a sin gle site cannot address on its own are examined by the Safety and Health Liaison Unit, which is headed by the department manager of the General Affairs Department. The Safety and Health Liaison Unit shares information about the measures that must be horizontally developed across all sites. Based on this organizational structure, the Company promotes the prevention of injuries and fire accidents caused by chemical substances, as well as severe injuries caused by machinery or heavy objects. In the event of a workplace accident, TOK implements thor ough countermeasures to improve safety and rolls them out horizontally across the organization.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

TOK Group, as prioritizing workers’ health and safety, fosters safety cultures by preventing accidents, disasters, and illnesses in the workplace.

workers: any and all labor providers to TOK.

  • Complies with all laws related to occupational health and safety in each country and region.
  • Reduces risks by completing job hazards analysis. .
  • Provides comprehensive education and training for employees.
  • Strives to strengthen our safety and disaster prevention systems for the purpose of minimizing and mitigating damage for accidents, disasters, or any other unforeseen event.
  • Makes effective and continuous improvements by investing appropriate resources.

Acquiring ISO 45001 Certification

Currently, we are receiving an increasing number of questions and requests on CSR from stakeholders. We formulated the TOK CSR Policy and strengthened the management system for occupational health and safety as a component of the CSR Policy. Under these circumstances, we are promoting the acqui sition and expansion of ISO 45001 certification of the occupa tional health and safety management system. Through these activities, we are seeking solutions to health and safety issues, including the aging workforce, labor saving, and mental health.

  In 2020, we acquired the first ISO 45001 certification in Japan at the Gotemba plant. Preparation is in progress to com plete acquisition at all sites in Japan by 2023

  We have also started initiatives to achieve compliance with the RBA Code of Conduct. As part of this initiative, we estab lished the Lockout/Tagout*1 rules on equipment repair and inspection at the Koriyama plant and have started the imple mentation of a system to prevent accidents caused by the mal function and misoperation of equipment. We will expand the system to other sites by monitoring the implementation status at the Koriyama plant.
  The plant received the RBA*2 audit from 2020 to 2021 and was certified as a workplace that satisfies the RBA Code of Conduct. We will further strengthen our systems to provide safe and comfortable workplaces to our employees not only at the plant but also at all group company sites, as well as for the employees of affiliated companies.

*1 Lockout: Locking the starting gear of machinery/system to prevent activation Tagout: Putting up a tag that indicates the lockout state to prevent misoperation by others

*2 Responsible Business Alliance: An industry coalition comprising electronic equipment manufacturers and suppliers thereto dedicated to the protection of workers’ rights and safety

Initiatives for Workplace Accident Risk Reduction

Improvement of risk assessment

In 2020, we promoted risk reduction activities on risks with high seriousness at all sites by learning lessons from past accidents of being caught, chemical injuries, and the turnover of heavy objects. We also started risk assessment and hazard prediction activities for infrequent operations and set the points for enhancement for the next fiscal year. In May 2021, we received the Prize for Effort in the Responsible Care Awards from the Japan Chemical Industry Association for the evaluation of our “Utilization of Risk Assessment for the Prevention of Chemical Industries” to reduce chemical industry risks by performing chemical hazard assessments based on the GHS Classification.

Established and started operation of internal standards for highly corrosive substances and poisonous/ deleterious substances

The Company uses chemical substances with corrosive proper ties in the manufacture of semiconductor-related products. We constantly reassess all manufacturing lines and work procedures and share information about safety measures among sites that use the same chemical substances in an effort for further risk reduction. In 2020, the Company further enhanced its internal guidelines for the handling of highly corrosive chemical substances, which were formulated in 2019, established the guidelines as international standards, and started implementation.

Promoted improvement activities incorporating inputs from internal audit and third-party review

We started the ISO 45001 internal audit last year and are utiliz - ing it for information sharing on workplace accident control and environmental contamination prevention by proactively assign - ing internal auditors from other sites. We also consider reviews by external institutions to be valuable opportunities to obtain third-party evaluations and inputs concerning the handling of chemical substances, antistatic measures, and workplace acci - dent control to lead them to implement activities to improve.

Prevention of Workplace Accidents

TOK has established the Occupational Health and Safety Policy linked to the CSR Policy. In its production activities, the Company places the utmost priority on the maintenance of the health and safety of workers and implements measures to pre - vent accidents, natural disasters, and diseases in the work - place, thereby fostering group safety. In particular, the Safety and Health Committees at each site have been working to pre - vent accidents, while aiming to maintain and improve all related factors. In addition, we are working to improve the safety level of the entire Group through measures to prepare manuals for emergency action in the event of workplace or other accidents and by providing systematic training and drills for employees, as well as fostering employee safety awareness.

  In 2020, there were seven workplace accidents (0 without and 7 with lost workdays) but we achieved 0% as the fre - quency rate of workplace accidents. Fortunately, no serious workplace accident occurred. For each accident that occurred, we reviewed the risks and took the necessary action for recur - rence prevention. We will continue conducting risk reduction activities and employee safety awareness raising by aiming to achieve zero workplace accidents


* Frequency rate: shows the frequency of accident occurrences as the number of deaths and injuries due to workplace accidents per million work hours Frequency rate = (number of deaths and injuries due to workplace accidents / number of work hours) × 1,000,000 (Number of deaths and injuries due to workplace accidents = number of deaths and injuries resulting 1 or more lost workdays)


* Severity rate: shows the severity of accidents as the number of lost workdays per thousand work hours Severity rate = (number of lost workdays / number of work hours) ×1,000 (Number of lost workdays = number of lost workdays of dead and injured workers due to workplace accidents) Source of data for chemical and manufacturing industries: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Survey on Industrial Accidents

Future Issues and Initiatives

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Policy, the TOK Group places the utmost priority on the maintenance of the health and safety of workers. “Workers” refer not only to the employees of the TOK Group but also to all persons who provide ser - vice in the work environment of the TOK Group. We will continue to observe occupational health and safety-related laws and regulations in each country/ region, and aim to acquire the ISO 45001 certifica - tion at each site, while building a robust manage - ment system to prevent workplace accidents.

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