TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) provides chemical products, such as photoresist, and equipment for semiconductors and displays.

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The World of Nanometer

About Us

In the familiar industrial products, TOK's microprocess
technology plays a vital role in parts too small to be seen.

TOK always pushes at the boundaries of these cutting-edge technologies found in the fields of semiconductor, liquid crystal display.

Smartphones, tablet PCs, flat-screen televisions, and vehicles. It's not only the smart exterior designs that are evolving everyday, but also the hidden interiors of the many kinds of industrial products that surround us.

Microprocess technology with “photolithography” at its heart enriches all our lives, more convenient, comfortable and prosperous.

What is photolithography?

Photolithography works using similar principles to photography. It uses light to carry out ultrafine microscopic processing.

TOK provides materials such as photoresist and high purity chemicals, and manufacturing equipment including photoresist coating equipment, used in the photolithography process.

Overview of Photolithography process (example of how photoresist is usesd in the semiconductor manufacturing process)

In the semiconductor manufacturing process, repetition fromProcess 2 to Process 11 is the Photolithography process:

Overview of Photolithography process (example of how photoresist is usesd in the semiconductor manufacturing process)

*In the semiconductor photolithography process, different types of processing including etching are carried out repeatedly with photoresist patterns formed on a silicon wafer. After integrated circuits are completed on the wafer, chips that are the brain of an IC or LSI are made by slicing the wafer (dicing). By packaging the chips, an IC or LSI is completed.

What can we make contribute to their advancement by using Microprocess Technology?

Microprocess technology based on photolithography is used in many fields to manufacture a surprising range of products. In recent years, microprocess technology has truly become microscopic and entered the nanometrical world; such cutting-edge microprocess technology is now indispensable for the prosperous modern day living. The following products give a good idea of the broad range of goods that have evolved by using TOK microprocess technology.

What can we make contribute to their advancement by using Microprocess Technology?

TOK technology is also used in the following products:

Digital cameras
DVD recorders
Computer games
Wrist watches


The World of Microprocess Technology: the Nanometric Frontier

It is in the field of semiconductor manufacturing that microprocess technology has developed most advanced; a processing accuracy of a single nanometer (nm) is needed. Just how big is a nanometer? For example, assuming that an AA battery is set up on the Earth, one nm has the same diameter as an AA battery in relation to the diameter of the Earth. Ultrafine processing technologies with an accuracy of molecular level are now needed in the field of semiconductor manufacturing.

A nanometer (nm) is one millionth of a millimeter.

TOK will continue to explore the nanometric frontiers of advanced microprocess technology and continue to make its contribution to the betterment of humankind and the sustainable development of society in the future.

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