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A future of
social infrastracture

The spread of the Internet and smartphones is substantially transforming the social infrastructure. The technological innovations that are yet to emerge could very well result in a society that is unimaginable today.

Social infrastructure +tok

Data are now an important infrastructural element in modern society. TOK will continue to contribute to the evolution of the technology for manufacturing semiconductors in support of additional performance improvements in the sensors that collect data, the data centers that make the storage of obtained data in the cloud feasible, and the application processors that very rapidly process vast amounts of information.

SDGs to which the Company contributes

Communications revolution
(Beyond 5G)

In a society that fully implements 5G, which has begun to gain traction, and 6G, which constitutes a telecommunication standard for the next generation, data will move around to a more active degree than ever before. Daily advances in technological innovations applied to data centers and incorporated into smartphones and other information devices are making all of this possible.

Connected Autonomous Vehicles(CAV)

he development of CAV that can detect road conditions using sensors, assess the obtained information, and make driving decisions accordingly is well underway. Someday, because of improvements in the sensitivity of sensors whose effectiveness would not be adversely affected by climate conditions and because of the evolution of AI as a tool that makes driving decisions based on sensor-obtained information, cars that do not need a driver may very well become a mainstream feature of our lives.

Smart homes

Smart homes optimally regulate energy consumption through the use of information technology (IT) to control equipment that uses electricity or gas for operations, such as interior lighting fixtures, cooking equipment, and heating and cooling systems. This state of affairs is realized through the evolution of sensor technology in smartphones and electrical appliances that function as control terminals.

Carbon Neutral


A future of
carbon neutral

In order to resolve the global challenge of climate change,
everyone needs to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon Neutral Society +tok

Products from TOK are used in power control systems and in the manufacture of semiconductors that help improve efficiency and reduce the consumption of electricity by appliances and other products.
By enabling these products to further evolve, TOK helps to realize a decarbonized society, which is a global challenge for everyone.

SDGs to which the Company contributes


Garnering greater attention in recent years, electric automobiles are the ultimate in environmentally friendly vehicles because they do not emit carbon dioxide. Work is being actively undertaken to develop power semiconductors that help improve the efficiency and range of electric vehicles, which are primarily based on the use of a motor and batteries in contrast to conventional engines.

Renewable Energy

Solar cells and wind power are becoming more popular than ever before as environmentally friendly options for generating electricity. Control semiconductors are being used in power trains that convert power derived from renewable energy obtained from these sources into a form that can be used in the home.

Energy conservation

Reducing the amount of electricity used in the home and adopting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle are necessary in order to realize a decarbonized society. Semiconductors are being installed in household appliances, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, in order to optimize the electricity that they use and reduce the amount of power consumed.

Life Science


A future of
life science

The twenty-first century has been described as the century of the life sciences. People engaged in the life sciences are expected to contribute to the pursuit of better living, better eating, and better livelihoods—all of which are directly tied to the lives of people—by allowing us to overcome the illnesses that have plagued humanity and to solve food and environmental challenges.

Life Science +tok

In response to issues related to personal health, which is an area that has garnered more attention in recent years, TOK will continue to help realize the well-being* of people by promoting business based on the use of the microfabrication technology and high-purification technology that TOK has been cultivating to date.

*Well-Being:A concept that means being in a good physical, mental, and Developed high-density mounting materials and embarked on th

SDGs to which the Company contributes


Made by forming microscopic patterns on the surface of glass substrates and other materials, tiny biochips can be used to detect DNA and protein particles in blood and elsewhere, and their application is being studied and considered by research institutions. Biochips could one day allow for the customized development of drugs tailor-made for each individual depending on the physical condition and bodily requirements.

Remote medicine

Telemedicine refers to medical and nursing care administered to patients in remote locations through the use of telecommunication technology and equipment. A future is approaching in which telecommunication technology will make medical care provided by exceptional doctors, which has previously been available only to a limited number of people, more accessible.

Genetic analysis

For genetic testing, genetic information is analyzed to reveal an individual’s susceptibility to certain diseases and conditions and constitutional tendencies. Certain moves involving the use of TOK’s core microfabrication technology to improve the accuracy and speed of such testing have begun.