Notice regarding Completion of a New plant in “Aso Kumamoto Site” of Aso Plant


 TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Kawasaki, Japan/President: Noriaki Taneichi, hereinafter the “Company”) completed construction of new plant in “the Aso Kumamoto Site” of Aso Plant (Kikuchi city, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan) to improve the quality of high-purity chemicals and expand our supply capacity. The plant has facilities that make it possible to control the quality of our product thoroughly, with operations scheduled to commence in the first half of 2025.


Manufacturing building of Aso Kumamoto Site of Aso Plant


 The Company opened the Aso Plant (Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan) in 1984 and has been manufacturing high-purity chemicals. In 2022, We acquired new land for commercial use in Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture to open the Aso Kumamoto Site in response to the recent expansion of semiconductor production in Kyushu area.

 Going forward, we aim to improve the quality of high-purity chemicals, expand our supply capacity and enhance user support in the Western area in Japan, through the synergy between the Site and the Aso Plant.


 In order to realize the long-term vision, “TOK Vision 2030”, TOK Group plans to make the largest-ever capital investments of more than 57 billion yen over the three-year period covered by TOK Medium-Term Plan 2024 released in February 2022. We will continue to make aggressive capital investments and strengthen our global supply chain to respond to the medium- to long-term growth of the semiconductor market.

Completion ceremony on June 6


1.       Outline of the new Aso Kumamoto Site of Aso Plant

 Name:       Aso Kumamoto Site of Aso Plant
 Location:  987-2, Ninohigashioki, Kyokushikawabe, Kikuchi City, Kumamoto, Japan
 Site area:  128 (Thousand) m2
 Investment amount:  Approximately 13 billion yen
 Scheduled to commence operations:  1st half of 2025


2.  Future outlook

The impact of this project on the Company’s consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2024 is insignificant and has already been reflected in the consolidated financial forecasts announced on February 13.




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