Notice of Purchase of a Site for Plant in Korean Subsidiary


TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Kawasaki, Japan/President: Noriaki Taneichi, hereinafter the “Company”) has decided to purchase a site for plant in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province to construct a new plant in its consolidated subsidiary, TOK Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Incheon Metropolitan City, South Korea, hereinafter “TOKAM”).

Under the customer-oriented strategy, the Company established TOKAM in 2012 as a site for R&D, manufacturing, and sales of photoresists in South Korea, and TOKAM has since contributed to expanding adoption of TOK Group’s products in South Korea. Net sales in South Korea now account for approximately 13% of the Company’s consolidated net sales (FY2023 results). A new plant to be constructed in this site will promote smart manufacturing through automation and labor saving and maximize the synergy with the existing Incheon Plant (Incheon Metropolitan City) to prepare for the future business expansion. The construction will start in 2027, with the new plant scheduled to begin operation in 2028, but the specific scale of production is yet to be determined at this time.

[Overview of the site to be purchased]

1.    Location: Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

2.    Area: 55,560 m2

3.    Purchase price: Approximately 3.1 billion yen