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HOME News Release2022年 The Declaration of Health and Productivity Management

2022年 News Release

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The Declaration of Health and Productivity Management

Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd., (TOK, Headquarters: Kawasaki, Japan/ President: Noriaki Taneichi) is pleased to announce on June 10, 2022 that it has formulated the Declaration of Health and Productivity Management toward the health promotion of employees.

The TOK Group aims to foster and establish a culture of safety and to increase wellbeing of employees through the provision of comfortable and safe workplaces as perceiving that ensuring the safety and health of employees is our social responsibility requested by all stakeholders.

Moreover, the TOK Group sets, "The e-Material Global Company " contributing to a sustainable future through Chemistry., as a new long-term management vision, the TOK Vision 2030, announced in 2020. While aiming to achieve a sustainable company where all employees can work lively and pride, we will work on health and productivity management by strengthening, enhancing, and executing the existing initiatives for the sake of maintaining and promoting employees’ wellbeing.

Declaration of Health and Productivity Management


The TOK Group believes that good physical and mental health allows employees to maximally perform their skills and to achieve their individual potential, which will lead to the development of the company.

Based on the idea that human resources are the property of the company, which regards employees as valuable assets and has been observed consistently since our foundation, we will accelerate activities to maintain and promote employees’ wellbeing.


  1. We will maintain and promote the mental and physical health of employees by actively implementing measures for invigorating people and workplaces with a wide range of health measures.
  2. We will create an environment where employees can receive periodic and special health examinations, and other health services in a timely manner.
  3. We will steadily repeat the PDCA cycle toward maintaining and promoting health.
  4. In order to juggle work and family, we will promote cutting work hours, taking annual paid leave, supporting child care and family care, and other benefits.
HOME News Release2022年 The Declaration of Health and Productivity Management