TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) provides chemical products, such as photoresist, and equipment for semiconductors and liquid crystal displays.

News ReleaseTokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., LTD. Receives Intel’s Preferred Quality Supplier Award

2018 News Release

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Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., LTD. Receives Intel’s Preferred Quality Supplier Award

Kawasaki-city, Japan, March 7, 2018 – Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., LTD. has been recognized as one of 21 companies receiving Intel Corporation’s Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) award for their performance in 2017. Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., LTD. has demonstrated industry-leading commitment across all critical focus areas on which they are measured: quality, cost, availability, technology, customer service, labor and ethics systems and environmental sustainability. Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., LTD. is recognized for their significant contributions providing Intel with high purity photoresists, developers, cleaning solutions and supporting chemistries, deemed essential to Intel’s success.

On behalf of TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK), I am proud to accept the 2017 Intel PQS award . This award recognizes the success achieved through continued partnership of TOK and the technology and supplier teams at Intel.  Over the past four decades, the dedication and support of our Intel stakeholders helped TOK align and elevate our company performance in quality, customer service and technology, to meet and exceed the Intel standards.  We will continue to build on our corporate vision as a global leader in micro process and high purity chemical supply. In collaboration with our Intel partners, sustained efforts toward operational excellence will meet the current and future demands of extending Moore’s Law,” said Keiichi Yamada, Director &  Officer, Department Manager, Marketing Dept.

“The dynamic nature of our business necessitates continuous improvement and an unrelenting focus on quality,” said Jacklyn Sturm, Vice President of Technology and Manufacturing Group and General Manager of Global Supply Management at Intel. “As Intel transitions to become a more data centric company, our award winning suppliers are embracing the most difficult challenges with rapid innovation and bold strategies.”

The PQS award is part of Intel’s Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) program that encourages suppliers to strive for excellence and continuous improvement. To qualify for PQS status, suppliers must score 80 percent on a report card that assesses performance and ability to meet cost, quality, availability, technology, environmental, social and governance goals. Suppliers must also achieve 80 percent or greater on a challenging improvement plan and demonstrate solid quality and business systems. Additional information about the SCQI program is available at below rink.

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A celebration to honor PQS award winners was held in Santa Clara, California themed “Delivering the Future Together”, which illustrates the contributions this supplier has made in 2017. In addition, there was an announcement on Intel’s website at

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About Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., LTD.
TOK's state-of-the-art micro processing technology produces groundbreaking and innovative products.  We have pioneered the development of polymer-containing functional photoresists based on photolithography technologies that are essential for the formation of semiconductor circuits. 

Along with advancement in the micro-fabrication of an electronic circuit, our sophisticated technologies provide solutions to enhance the functionality of semiconductors, such as miniaturization, high-integration, multi-functionality, and high-speed. We offer various new materials necessary for many device manufacturers, including advanced immersion photoresists enabling the formation of ten-odd nometer scale features.  More information about TOK and our products can be found at 

News ReleaseTokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., LTD. Receives Intel’s Preferred Quality Supplier Award