TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) provides chemical products, such as photoresist, and equipment for semiconductors and displays.

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New Business Field


Under the “Challenge for the Future!” slogan, TOK has set up the New Business Development Dept. combined sales and technical division.
TOK offers unique and high value-added materials ,using our functional polymer design/manufacturing technologies cultivated in photolithography field, through open innovation with our customers and third parties.

Photo Patternable Adhesives Materials

Pattern & Adhesive in One Material

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  • Photo Patternable Adhesive Materials for Wafer-Level Microfluidic Device Fabrication
  • Enable to make patterns by photolithography process
  • Permanent resist with high adhesive property
  • Low autofluorescence, Low cytotoxicity※

※Cytotoxicity was tested according to the ISO 10993-5 standard. IC50 (50% inhibitory concentration) : >100%

Photo Patternable Adhesives Materials


  • MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)
  • Biochips (Microfluidics: μTAS, Lab on a chip)

Post Cured Film Performance / Chemical Resistance

Post Cured Film Performance
Physical propertiesMeasurementPhoto Patternable Adhesive
Tg (℃)DMA220
CTE (ppm/℃)TMA45
Tensile strength (MPa)Tension103
Elongation (%)15.0
Young’s modulus (GPa)0.7
5% Thermal decomposition (℃)TG/DTA295
Water absorption (%)23 ℃-24 h dipping1.2
Transmittance (%)400 nmUV54.5
500 nm92.0
600 nm98.5
700 nm99.2
Post Cure Chemical Resistance
SolventNMP80 ℃-15 minNo change
GBL80 ℃-15 minNo change
EL23 ℃-15 minNo change
Acetone23 ℃-15 minNo change
PGMEA23 ℃-15 minNo change
IPA23 ℃-15 minNo change
DMSO80 ℃-15 minNo change
Alkaline solution25% NaOH40 ℃-10 minNo change
10% KOH40 ℃-10 minNo change
TMAH 2.38%40 ℃-10 minNo change
Acid solutionH2SO4/H2O240 ℃-10 minNo change
1% HF23 ℃-5 minNo change

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HOME Products New Business Field Materials Photo Patternable Adhesives Materials