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News ReleaseTokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. Receives Award for Excellence at 20th Nikkei Annual Report Awards

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Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. Receives Award for Excellence at 20th Nikkei Annual Report Awards

The Annual Report 2017 published by Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “TOK”) has been recognized with an Award for Excellence at the 20th Nikkei Annual Report Awards hosted by Nikkei Inc. (hereinafter “Nikkei”). This marks the second time TOK has received the Award for Excellence, after being honored similarly in the year before last.

The Nikkei Annual Report Awards has been hosted every year by Nikkei since 1998 to evaluate and recognize annual reports published by participating companies. The Awards seek to further enhance the quality of annual reports published by Japanese companies and to promote the widespread publication and use of these reports.

Annual reports from 100 companies were submitted to the 2017 Awards program, which marked the 20th such event since its inception. The panel of judges comprised fund managers and analysts currently active in their
respective fields. The judges rigorously selected excellent annual reports from among the submitted reports based on ten evaluation criteria encompassing a wide range of qualitative and quantitative factors.

TOK’s Annual Report contains a Special Feature titled “TOK Helps Solve Social Issues.” In this section, TOK reports on its growth strategies for enhancing the value it provides to customers and society. Along with this, the Annual Report provides excellent disclosure, including a dialogue between the President & CEO and an Outside Director, and ESG information, which has been attracting growing interest from society.

In receiving the Award for Excellence, TOK’s Annual Report was recognized for the following points:(Excerpts from comments provided with evaluation results)

●The report contains vital information for long-term investors, in addition to a SWOT analysis for each business segment that is not provided in the Medium-Term Plan or business results presentation materials.

●This is a highly outstanding annual report that allows readers to fully grasp the profile of the company and management’s goals and aspirations in a single publication.

●The report provides rich ESG-related information, and is well-finished overall.

●The report is far easier to understand than it was several years ago. Therefore, I have high hopes that TOK will continue to improve the report.

Encouraged by the receipt of this award, TOK will continue to pursue its corporate activities with a view to fulfilling the expectations of all stakeholders, including shareholders and other investors.

For further details on this award, please visit the website of the Awards program’s host, as shown below.

Website of the Awards program’s host (in Japanese only)

Annual Report 2017

Reference:Annual Report 2017

News ReleaseTokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. Receives Award for Excellence at 20th Nikkei Annual Report Awards