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News Release

[ November/11/2002 ]
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. Will Exhibit at SEMICON® Japan 2002

This exhibition was successfully ended. We are grateful to you for your visiting our booth.

Exhibit Dates : Wednesday, December 4 - Friday, December 6, 2002
Exhibit Products :
State of the Art Photoresists for Semiconductor
  • For Electron Beam
    (EPL / For Cr Mask / For Mask Production)
  • For F2 Excimer Laser (157nm)
  • For ArF Excimer Laser (193nm)
Photoresists for Semiconductor
  • For KrF Excimer Laser (248nm)
    (HAER / LAER / For Implant Process / For Metal Process)
  • For Most Advanced i-line (365nm)
    (High Performance / Critical / For Implant Process)
Resolution Enhancing Process for Semiconductor
  • Materials for Resolution Enhancing Process
    (For Electron Beam / ArF / KrF / i-line)
Other Products for Semiconductor
  • Etching Residues Stripping Solution
  • Anti-Reflective Coating (Photoresist-Surface Coating Type)
  • Anti-Reflective Coating on the Bottom Layer of Photoresist
Low-k Materials & Equipment for Low-k Materials
  • Low-k Spin-on Planarization Source
  • Stripping Solution for Low-k Materials
    (Etching Residues [Contains Si / Cu], Photoresist / Etching Residues [Contains Si / Cu])
  • Spin-Coater for Low-k Materials
  • Ashing Machine for Low-k Materials
Process Equipment for Semiconductor
  • Low-Damage Ashing Machine for 300mm Wafer
  • Low-Damage Ashing Machine for 200mm Wafer
  • Low-Damage Etching Machine for 200mm Wafer
  • Spin Coater for 300mm Wafer
  • Spin Coater for 200mm Wafer
  • Thick Film Forming Coater / Developer
  • Multi-usage Coater / Developer
Photoresists & Equipment for Package Modules
  • Photoresists for Wafer Level CSP
    (Metal Post / Bump / Re-Wiring)
  • Photoresists for COF / Tape CSP / TAB
    (Cu Wiring / Through-Hole Filling-in Process[Back Coat])
  • Thick Film Forming Coater / Developer for CSP
  • Dry Film Laminator for Wafer Level CSP
  • Cover Film Remover for Wafer Level CSP
High Aspect Ratio Performance Photoresists
  • For Electron Beam
  • For KrF Excimer Laser (248nm)
  • For i-line (365nm)