TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) provides chemical products, such as photoresist, and equipment for semiconductors and displays.

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Semiconductor Manufacturing Field


Microprocess technology, such as photoresist,
is supporting advancement in the electronics field.

From micrometer to cutting-edge nanometer features, TOK provides optimal photoresists and related equipment tailored to the production of various semiconductor devices


  • Rubber type Negative photoresist
    • OMR series
  • Photoresist for g-line
    • OFPR series
    • TSMR series
  • Photoresist for i-line
    • TSCR series
    • THMR-iP series
    • TDMR-AR series
    • TSMR-iN series
  • Photoresist for KrF
    • TDUR-P series
    • TDUR-N series
    • TGMR-DP series
  • Photoresist for ArF
    • TARF-P series
  • Photoresist for ArF Immersion
    • TARF-PI series
  • Photoresist for EUV
  • Electron beam photoresist
    • OEBR series

Photolithography Relative Chemicals

  • Interlayer Insulating Film
    • OCD series
  • Spin-On diffusion source
    • PBF series
  • Materials for Cover Coat
    • OFR series
  • Materials for Directed Self Assembly
  • Other materials
    • TPF (High-purity aqueous resin solution)
  • Developing solution, Stripping solution, and Thinner