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New Business Field


Under the “Challenge for the Future!” slogan, TOK has set up the New Business Development Dept. combined sales and technical division.
TOK offers unique and high value-added materials ,using our functional polymer design/manufacturing technologies cultivated in photolithography field, through open innovation with our customers and third parties.

Thin Film mmWave Absorber


  • High Performance with less than 300 nm thick film
  • Resonance frequency controllable (35~222 GHz)
  • Good for space & weight saving
  • Heat dissipation type available
  • This product was developed in collaboration with Prof. Shin-ichi Ohkoshi of the University of Tokyo.
mmwave _2



Work Example: Film type



Protection from un-wanted mmWave noise for your devices

  • mmWave radars
  • Wireless communication devices

Heat dissipation type


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HOME Products New Business Field Materials Thin Film mmWave Absorber