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Proposing a new semiconductor manufacturing technology,
i.e., multi-layer stacking.

Presenting a new direction for the physical limits of miniaturization and proposing a new semiconductor manufacutring technology, i.e., multi-layer stacking, that promises better production efficiency

We are actively promoting the applications of microprocessing technology that has been uniquely developed over the years. One such initiatives is a new processing technology “3D semiconductor packaging.” While miniaturization is reaching a physical limit in the process of electronic circuit formation, 3D packaging gives a new direction for semiconductor manufacturing technologies, thus drawing considerable attention in the industry. 3D packaging is a groundbreaking technology that enables high integration on a silicon wafer without relying on miniaturization, and at the same time, reducing the surface areas of substrate used for packaging. With this technology, an electronic circuit is formed, and thinned semiconductor wafers are sterically stacked in layers. Since electrical conduction is made between layers using a through-via, this technology provides many advantages including the miniaturization of semiconductors, higher density, energy saving and faster speed of signal transmission and processing.

For this stacking technology, we have established a unique wafer handling system “Zero Newton” and developed adhesive material and carrier plate along with processing equipment for bonding / debonding a semiconductor wafer to / from a carrier plate. Zero Newton is the most advanced processing technology that can significantly enhance the efficiency of 3D packaging processes and can achieve high cost performance, thus enabling higher functionality of semiconductors.

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