TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) provides chemical products, such as photoresist, and equipment for semiconductors and displays.


ESG Data

Corporate Social Responsibility

Data of ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) on 
TOK Group's sustainability activities.


※Scope: TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. and its consolidated subsidiaries in Japan(Other entities, if included, are identified in the text.)

Environmental Performance201820192020
INPUTTotal energy consumed(kL crude oil equivalent)14,52715,38916,141
Electric power(kL crude oil equivalent)10,13510,58211,038
Petroleum (heavy oil)(kL crude oil equivalent)953602503
Gas(kL crude oil equivalent)3,3404,1154,507
Used water(㎥)366366370
Chemical substances(t)
(Class 1 Designated Chemical Substances under the PRTR Law)
General administrative waste(t)343233
General industrial waste(t)1,8301,5401,900
Specially controlled industrial waste(t)2,1502,1502,480
Emissions of Greenhouse Gases201820192020
Scope 19,2859,81510,313
Scope 220,09120,37520,627
Scope 3Purchased goods and services30,20629,20431,297
Capital goodsNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Fuel- and energy-related activities not included in Scope 1 or 2---
Upstream transportation and distributionNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Waste generated in operations6,5886,3689,018
Business travel843788397
Employee commuting572580602
Upstream leased assets---
Downstream transportation and distribution  (Domestic)2,7022,5902,582
Downstream transportation and distribution (Overseas)3,3083,0353,812
Processing of sold productsNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Use of sold productsNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
End-of-life treatment of sold productsNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Downstream leased assets---
InvestmentsNot applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Environmental Accounting (Millions of yen)201820192020
Business area cost362512794
 Pollution prevention cost97239143
Global environmental conservation cost8896478
Resource circulation cost177177173
Upstream/Downstream cost879
Administration cost75107168
R&D cost843251
Social activity cost110
Environmental remediation cost3503
Economic Benefits
Associated with Environmental Conservation Measures
Cost savings8688103

Environmental Compliance201820192020
Severe environmental accidents000
Violations of environmental laws000
Environmental fines and penalties(yen)000
Address Climate Change Issues201820192020
Energy Consumption(kL crude oil equivalent)14,52715,38916,141
 Base unit index (Comparison with 2019)-10091
Base unit index (Comparison with the previous year)1029991
CO2 Emissions (Converted from Energy Consumption)(10,000t-CO2)
 Base unit index (Comparison with 2019)-10089
Base unit index (Comparison with the previous year)1039689
CO2 Emissions in Distribution(t-CO2)2,7022,5902,582
 Base unit index (Comparison with the previous year)9497100
Energy Consumption Ratio of Overseas Sites(kL crude oil equivalent)23,67924,49726,174
 Domestic total14,52715,38916,141
Overseas total9,1529,10810,033
Overseas ratio(%)38.737.238.3
Promotion of Resource Recycling: Initiatives to Address Water Risk201820192020
Water usage(1,000㎥)Domestic total365366370
Overseas total539343354
Base unit index (World total/ Comparison with 2019)-10083.2
Base unit index (Domestic total/ Comparison with 2019)-10097.4
Base unit index (Overseas total/ Comparison with 2019)-10083.9
Water usage at TOK production sites(1,000㎥)Japan-366370
The U.S.-5263
South Korea-8092
Water withdrawals
by source(1,000㎥)
Municipal water129144152
Industrial water155141143
Water discharge
by destination(1,000㎥)
Volume of industrial waste(t)General industrial waste1,8301,5401,900
Specially controlled industrial waste2,1502,1502,480
Base unit index(Comparison with 2015)837489
Landfill Waste(Non-recycled waste)363638
Recycling rate*99.1099.0299.13

*Landfill Waste(t)÷[General industrial waste(t)+Specially controlled industrial waste(t)]×100

Air, Water and Soil/Biodiversity201820192020
Emissions of air-polluting substances(t)SOx1.30.80.7
Emissions of Water-polluting substances(t)BOD0.40.30.2
Fluorocarbons emissions(t-CO2)23216156
Substances defined by the PRTR LawThe number of PRTR substances used in production414144

Volume of PRTR Substances Released (into the Air and Water) (estimated)(t)※

※Data collection period: April to March

Preserve BiodiversityThe number of participants in CSR training programs for employees208731185
The number of employees engaged in environmental volunteering676


Workforce Data201820192020Scope
Number of employees (consolidated)1,6731,7261,750Consolidated
Number of employees(Non-consolidated)1,1991,2311,244Non-consolidated
 Male employees1,0511,0711,073Non-consolidated
Female employees148160171Non-consolidated
Average tenure(years)20.720.319.9Non-consolidated
Average Salary(ten thousand yen) 817803805Non-consolidated
Average age43.343.342.9Non-consolidated
Graduate turnover within 3 years of joining the Company(%)12.5810Non-consolidated
Ratio of Labor union members among the overall employees(%)80.680.580.1Non-consolidated
Workforce Diversity201820192020Scope
Ratio of women among new graduates (%)43.339.438.5Non-consolidated
Ratio of women among the overall employees(%)12.313.013.7Non-consolidated
Difference in average tenure figures for men and women (years)
Ratio of women in senior and middle management(%)
Ratio of women on the Board of Directors(%)
Number of non-Japanese employees(non-consolidated)111618Non-consolidated
Number of non-Japanese employees(consolidated)378412424Consolidated
Ratio of non-Japanese employees(consolidated, %)22.623.924.2Consolidated
Ratio of of employment for the disabled(%)2.362.372.67Non-consolidated
Work–life balance201820192020Scope
Average rate of the used portion of employees' annual paid vacation(%)75.378.272.0Non-consolidated
Childcare leave system (number of users)121619Non-consolidated
Return-to-work rate after childcare leave(%)100100100Non-consolidated
Shorter working hours system (number of users)61312Non-consolidated
"Childcare time"system (number of users)131616Non-consolidated
Childcare leave system (number of male users)115Non-consolidated
Nursing care leave (number of users)100Non-consolidated
The number of participants in CSR training programs for employees208731185Non-consolidated
Percentage of employees who have received compliance training(%)10010097Non-consolidated
Percentage of employees who have received information management training(%)100100100Non-consolidated
Occupational Health and Safety201820192020Scope
Workplace accidents10137Non-consolidated
 Resulted in lost workdays220Non-consolidated
Not resulted in lost workdays8117Non-consolidated
Frequency rate of workplace accidents (%)0.810.810Non-consolidated
Severity rate of workplace accidents (%)0.010.020Non-consolidated
Contribute to society201820192020Scope
The number of employees engaged in local volunteering531665550Consolidated
Donation(10 thousand yen)881,04511,269Non-consolidated


Board of directors, auditors and officers201820192020Scope
Ratio of outside officers(%)41.741.746.2Non-consolidated
Ratio of outside directors(%)252533.3Non-consolidated
Number of directors(except outside directors) 666Non-consolidated
Number of standing statutory auditor111Non-consolidated
Number of outside directors223Non-consolidated
Number of outside auditors333Non-consolidated
Number of officers151412Non-consolidated
Number of accounting auditor222Non-consolidated
Ratio of outside directors among nomination and compensation advisory Committee505050Non-consolidated
Total remuneration, etc. paid to directors(Millions of yen)170250523Non-consolidated
 Basic remuneration136197274Non-consolidated
Stock options213013Non-consolidated
Performance-linked share-based remuneration system--37Non-consolidated
Restricted share-based remuneration system--69Non-consolidated
Total remuneration, etc. paid to auditors(excluding outside auditors,Millions of yen)222223Non-consolidated
Number of board of directors meetings151414Non-consolidated
Number of whistle-blowing343Non-consolidated
Risk Management201820192020Scope
Company-wide safety confirmation drills443Non-consolidated
Intellectual capital201820192020Scope
Number of new patents290306279Consolidated