TOKYO OHKA KOGYO CO., LTD. (TOK) provides chemical products, such as photoresist, and equipment for semiconductors and displays.

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Corporate Information

We have positioned the corporate governance 
as one of our most important management issues.

Risk Management

To preempt various risk events that could affect the business operations of the TOK Group, and to minimize the impact of their materialization, the Group has strengthened its risk management, focusing on mitigation of risk factors and preemptive measures. In addition, we have established a contingency management framework to mitigate damage resulting from emergencies.

Contingency Management

In addition to establishing a Contingency Management Committee of operating department managers and office managers, TOK has established a subordinate Contingency Management Secretariat, and has made revisions to the Group’s contingency management procedures, with formulation of contingency management policies.

We have also set up a Contingency Management Conference as a cross- departmental organization covering the whole Group, which identifies risks that could have a significant effect on business activities, establishes preventive measures and formulates responses in the event of a crisis.

In addition, we have further improved and strengthened our risk management systems by introducing a plan, do, check, act (PDCA) cycle of verification and appraisal at all bases including those overseas. This helps us carry out risk appraisal and analysis,and take measures against particularly dangerous risks.

HOME Corporate Information GovernanceRisk Management